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Hey there! I'm Gretchen Ugalde, a scenic designer with roots in both Cebu City, Philippines, and the Bay Area.

Growing up, I bounced between both worlds every few years, but what remained constant was that I found my footing again through the moments I would watch movies with my father, visit museums, consume art, study artists, and talk to locals about life experiences. These experiences taught me the universal power of storytelling and that it is the common interest of the human experience. 


My passion for design took off in college, where I immersed myself in theatre and scenic design. Since then, I've continued working on my craft with the Okoboji Summer Theatre, Maples Rep, and Stephens College Conservatory for Performing Arts in central Missouri.

Currently, I'm pursuing my MFA at UC Irvine, ready to push my artistry to new heights! My goal for the future is to tell many stories across the country and beyond. Most importantly, stories that my granny will love! The good thing is that she loves every story she experiences! 

When I'm not designing, you can catch me hunting for trinkets at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx!


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