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Mihai Maniutiu 

Scenic Designer

Gretchen Ugalde


Costume Designer

Christian Alverez 

Lighting Designer

Maisie Crimmins


Sound Designer 

Eric Backus


Nat Houle 

Stage Manager

Logan Brubaker 


Isaak Berliner

1/2" Scale Model

Scenic Renderings, Created in Vectorworks. 

Costume Renderings by Christian Alverez.

For our production of "The Bald Soprano," I was inspired by the director's concept of starting with a realistic base and adding absurdity to create an optimistic atmosphere.

Drawing from the romantic art of Arthur Sarnoff, which embodies the essence of the American dream, this led me to design a set that appears to embody the perfect American dream—a mid-century modern living room, with its whimsical elements and bold patterns, symbolizing the idealized life the characters may aspire to. However, amidst this seemingly perfect setting, I incorporated elements of absurdity, such as the revolving door and the unusual clock, to foreshadow the chaos and confusion that lie beneath the surface of the characters' lives. My hope is that the audience will not only see the absurdity of the characters' lives but also reflect on the absurdity of their own, ultimately finding humor and humanity in the shared experience of the human condition.


I also drew inspiration from my childhood, growing up in the Philippines I was filled with dreams of the idealized American life, largely shaped by what I saw on Disney Channel. Moving to America at a young age, I quickly realized that the human experience transcends borders. This realization influences my design approach, as I aim to oversimplify the world as a fun and optimistic one, which will contradict the truth that life is not a Disney Channel show or an Arthur Sarnoff painting, but it is actually anxious, confusing and chaotic.

Preliminary Design Ideas, Created in Vectorworks. 

Scenic Research

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