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Peter Reynolds

Scenic Designer

Gretchen Ugalde


Costume Designer

Moss Royer

Lighting Designer

Chris Riley


Sound Designer 

Chris Riley


Stage Manager

Ally Taylor

Scenic Renderings, Created in Vectorworks. 

Set in a sunny room on an upper floor of a Senior Living Facility, Ripcord is a comedy that follows a cranky Abby and a high-spirited Marilyn who cannot stand living with each other. The two wildly different women place a bet which intensifies into a risky game of cutthroat competition that exposes not just the stubbornness of these women, but also greater truths that each would rather remain mysterious.

After designing a handful of suggestive realism sets, creating something modern like this was a lot of fun for me! I studied features in a senior-living apartment, and I was focused on the color story to complement the bright, funny, and hopeful themes of this story.

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