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Jane Page

Scenic Designer

Gretchen Ugalde


Costume Designer

Sebastian Rock

Lighting Designer

Savannah Van Leuvan


Sound Designer 

Meghan Roche


Stage Manager

Arielle Singer


Jazley Faith

Scenic Renderings, Created in Vectorworks. 

Lisa Loomer’s Living Out plunges the audience into the brutally honest world of working mothers in today’s culture. The play centers around two women from vastly different backgrounds balancing work and parenthood in Los Angeles, California. 

After 2.5 years spent at UC Irvine, this was my first main-stage scenic design. When working with the director, she described the world as cold, rigid, and stressfully face-paced.

The set consists of large freeway signs, skyline cutouts, and a road map on the floor which all indicate to the audience that they’re now on the freeways of Los Angeles. I intended to give the sensation that we are now in this high-speed, cutthroat world that the mothers of the story are living in. And the use of the same furniture pieces rearranged for both households is to highlight the parallels between the two families.

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