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Director & Choreographer 

Stephen Brotebeck

Music Director

Tom Andes

Scenic Designer

Gretchen Ugalde


Costume Designer

Ashley Harrison

Lighting Designer

Savannah Bell


Sound Designer 

Austen Yim


Stage Manager

Lexi Holder


Michael Mckim

Scenic Renderings, Created in Vectorworks. 

Grease is a timeless American story that takes place in 1959 and follows Danny, Sandy, and all their friends as they navigate the teenage ups and downs of romance, high school, and learning who they are.

Designed for Okoboji Summer Theatre, I was inspired by the area's connection to the 1950s and how much the city itself feels like a time capsule of that period. As a fun sur­prise for the locals, I included elements of Okoboji in the design such as the floor tiles inspired by a beloved local diner and the Superior 71 Drive-In sign.

Most of all, Grease is nostalgia, and I strived for the design to celebrate that nostalgia through the electric colors, the retro signage, and the retro-futuristic chrome accents.

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